Sundays at 11:15am

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Mission Statement

LVBC exists to make disciples for the glory of God through 

  • careful, expositional teaching
  • authentic, coprorate worship
  • and the building of intentional, supportive relationships

so that we might live out the Gospel and serve our community in the name of Christ.


Teaching. The Bible is our authority in all matters of faith and practice. In fact, we understand the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts and lives especially through the power of the Word of God. Therefore, our regular diet of "Bible consumption" at LVBC is through the expositional preaching of the scriptural texts. Expositional preaching seeks to "expose" the meaning of the Biblical text, not merely our viewpoints concerning it.

Worship. In our corporate worship, we see the gospel (baptism), we taste the gospel (Lord's Supper), we sing the gospel (corporate songs and hymn), we hear the gospel (Scripture readings and sermons), and we pray the gospel (purposeful corporate confession, praise, and intercession). This fully-orbed understanding of worship is what fuels our corporate gatherings.*

- Relationships. We understand the church to be Jesus' specially-designed tool for Christian growth. The church is a greenhouse providing the best environment for followers to mature in Christ. Through intentional church membership and whole-life discipleship, we seek to link arms with one another as we walk towards heaven.

*For more on this approach to public worship, click here.