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Approaching the Law


Recently a fellow pastor here in Purcellville, Charles Biggs of Ketoctin Presbyterian, shared with me a great way to think about the Law as Christians. He encouraged me (and I in turn encourage you) to frame your approach to the Law in light of the Trinity—in light of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 

So as we approach the Law of Moses, let’s first see it as a perfect reflection of the character of God the Father—his holiness, his love. Let’s come to the Ten Commandments to see what he’s like. As the author Tim Chester notes, he hasn't changed. He's the same God today he was at Sinai. But let’s not stop there.

Let’s also consider God the Son and how he was sent by his Father to accomplish salvation for us. Do you remember how he did that? Jesus, God’s Son, saved us by keeping this very Law perfectly when we could not. He came to bring a New Covenant. God the Son perfectly fulfills this Law. So we come to the Law already having completely kept it in Christ. The Law is now obsolete. We’re under a New Covenant, enacted by Jesus himself through his blood. But there’s more.

So in light of our status now as saved in Christ, perfect law-keepers through his obedience on our behalf, we now have God the Holy Spirit within us. We have new hearts, new desires. We now long to follow God, honor his character, become more like his Son. And the Law is a great tool to help us understand God and understand better how to obey and love him (again, Chester's book on Exodus is a help here). We now have freedom to live out the principles of this Law in our lives through the power of the Spirit.

So as you think about the Law, think about it in terms of the Trinity. Think about the character of the Father, the fulfillment of the Son, and the empowerment of the Spirit.